About Olive Tree Real Estate Group

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Olive Tree Real Estate Group is led by Broker, Ryan Kirkpatrick. Ryan’s real estate career began at Covenant Realty in 2008.  This is where the why we work by referral based model began.  The brokerage’s success was built on working with great people who appreciate a high level of attention and want quality in their representation. By 2016, the brokerage’s gross sales were over $22 million as a return on the time and energy investment Ryan and his team place into each client.  Stemming from that foundation, there is a fresh wind and energy at the new brokerage with Ryan and his team.

You may ask why we chose the name Olive Tree Real Estate Group. As we were at our favorite hang out, Pearl Cup, we came across a description of the olive tree that really resonated with our own story – “on the outside the olive tree may seem like any other tree, rather ordinary in appearance and size, and at certain seasons of the year even a little ‘messy,’ with olives littering the ground beneath the tree.” In contrast, the Hebrew word for “‘olive tree’ is es shemen, which literally means ‘tree of oil’. It is from a primitive root meaning ‘to shine.’ Interestingly, if the trunk is cut down, the shoots from its roots continue to grow, ensuring its continued existence.”   To us, just like a home you’re only as strong as your foundation.

This description depicts so much of what real estate and our company’s heart is about. You can choose from dozens of real estate services that can feel pretty bland. But, when you get to know the heart of our team is when you see our great attention to serving.  Just like the Olive Tree, our roots with our clients grow deep and can sustain the natural stress of a real estate transaction. We strive to care for our clients in every sale as if it were our own. This is where we shine and where we feel like we can be of service to those who depend on us.

We are excited to see what this new venture will bring us and most importantly we look forward to continuing to serve you above and beyond the real estate transaction. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We ask you to consider actively referring us to anyone that would benefit from being represented by us with a purchase or a sale. It means even that much more as we grow this really cool new company.